Marco Fabbro -  Sculptor and Designer


beach view

The artistic work  of Marco Fabbro is extraordinary. 

Through abstract sculpture he has attempted to portray the notion of conflict resolution and esoteric harmony. Belief system  and archetypal symbolism is also used extensively in his work.  In other artworks illumination is used to highlight beauty inherent in natural form and objects while creating unique functional art for interiors.

Through producing and directing collaborations with contemporary and temporary  performers other visual artists he has sought to share a deep connection with nature, to interpret  indigenous spiritual identification with the land and  to celebrate the ideal  of peace.

Currently, through his company Marine Geo Pty  Ltd, Marco continues  with  innovation  by undertaking  specific  sculpture commissions and by facilitating and conducting collaborative artistic endeavours.
For videos of collaborations and exciting images of  nature theme lighting visit the galleries in the "Portfolio" drop down menu above.

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