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The "Beast of Confusion" was discovered accidentally by marine researchers during field work in the mosquito and crocodile infested swamps of Duneoness on the shores fo the Hinchinbrook Channel, far north coast of Queensland.

In  this artwork, crafted by natural  growth and weathering processes, two extremes of expression have been  juxtaposed.  At first sight the beholder is struck by, and immediately identifies with, an expression of glee and joy.  On further investigation a more sinister perspective of the human emotion is apparently portrayed.  From this opposite  angle, this innocous  peice of driftwood appears as a head of a beast with a gaping mouth and contorted nostrils -displaying an expression  of shock and fear.


Through technological advancement  living environment boundaries between reality  and virtual worlds  are becoming more and more blured. The   ultimate effect of such a technological revolution  on humanity  can be uncontrolled,  unpredicable and beastly.  It can often lead  to  disorientating   and confusing  predicaments for the user.


By inciting the imagination and emotion of admirers irrespective of cultural background, unique artworks  of nature such as "The Beast of Confusion"  can offer  a  contribution to the western or ‘foreign’ appreciation  of the Australian  Aboriginals  timeless connection with the beautiful, yet harsh, Australian landscape.

- Byron Bay  NSW  Australia 1996

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Photography by Melanie Russell, Steve Furzey, Hoagy Van Ewyk and Marco Fabbro