Decorative Lighting




Marco has completed various commercial lighting decoration projects in restaurants and clubs and continues to consult in relation to lighting design concepts and engage commission work.

An important aspect of many decorative  lighting applications  is the flexibility with which it can be adapted to integrate with specific architectural  features and natural  settings. 


Sculpted light elements are designed and positioned to complement and accentuate architectural features. In consultaiton  with  architects,  designers or the client , themes can be established or embellished. When combined with spotlighting, appealing  night atmospheres can be created.



Throughout the design process, architectural style and features are taken into consideration. Creative input from the client is encouraged.


An important aspect  of the concept  is  the choice of  a theme for the interior.  This theme may be as simple as a colour or as specific as a marine setting. For example, colourful dynamic lantern sculptures can be placed on each table of a dimly lit restaurant, or one large triangular wall light sculpture can excentuate the form  of an exposed interior gable.


When designing interiors, themed back-lighting can add an interesting depth to vertical surfaces and make confined spaces feel larger. Conversley at the centre of a room, complementary lamps and hanging shades can provide unique functional features or tailored to suit existing decor.


For expampe,  forms  and colours of the natural or built features visible outside during the day can be replicated  inside as  decorative  at night.


It is possible to reinvent your evening and night time home atmosphere without moving furniture.  Unique lighting and spaces can be created in a cost-effective way without major  changes to interiors.


The application of the idea in the home opens up limitless opportunities to create truly unique night time interior atmospheres- from ornate entrance wall lights  to  welcome  visitors into foyers to  personalised bedside reading lamps.


 If you want a truly unique atmosphere in the evening, but don't want the existing  layout changed or living environment functions interrupted, consider realising some of your creative aspirations  through custom feature lighting. Clients input is encouraged so as to create moods and atmospheres which suit each individual preferences  and compliment unique living  spaces.


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