Allegory and Symbolism

Cultures in the global village society are now merging and morphing in extraordinary ways.  As a result  the fascination and the  richness of the  world around us  is able to be  explored in a new light outside the constraints of  traditional mainstream  interpretation.


Allegory and symbolism is often used in an artwork to tell a story or to convey or provoke a deeper understanding or appreciation of some aspect of reality, life or philosophy.


Many of the works on these pages use  symbols in an abstract representation or in an  esoteric fashion.


One  example is  artificial light representing the sun in a three dimensional miniature marinescape composition. Another is  the  void at the center of  a cylindrical solid being an allegory for stillness found in Buddhist teachings .


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Photography by Melanie Russell, Steve Furzey, Hoagy Van Ewyk and Marco Fabbro