Natural Environment

A longterm  Director of Marine Geo Pty Ltd is Mr  Mark  Fabbro.   Mr Fabbro  has a Bachelor Degree in Science - Coastal Resource Management from the Southern Cross University in Northern NSW 

Mr Fabbro has been actively involved in the protection of the natural environment for many years. During the 1980’s he was actively seeking the protection of coastal Crown Land on the north coast of NSW in the interests of the community.

With the help of the then  new Freedom Of Information laws some very suspect land dealings on part of  state parliamentary members, council staff  and property developers was discovered.  A  concerted effort on part of activists and enviromental groups at the grassroots  level forced the NSW government to  establish the  NSW Independent Commission against Corruption.  ICAC s first inquiry was into land crown dealings on the North Coast. This inquiry resulted in uncovered a corruption network and  helped in  the protecton of coastal public  lands from alienation for the use of  everyone into the future.

Mr Fabbro had  undertaken an appraisal of  scientific reports into human induced global warming in 1989.  He had  lodged numerous submissions to government including the Federal Senate Standing Committee on the Environment in 1990 in relation to the potential  policy implications of global warming.

He has undertaken numerous environmental interpretive and education initiatives including two at significant land marks  on the north coast the "Big Prawn" in Ballina and the "Big Oyster "  in Taree

Mr Fabbro pioneered a novel approach to  environmental education through the artistic medium of light and sculpture. Please refer to Marco Fabbro link below for more information.

Environmental Reports and Papers Prepared by Marine Geo Pty Ltd and Mr Fabbro

  • The Bunjalung National Park and Iluka Nature Reserve Draft Plan of Management-Recommendations. May 1990. 11p.
  • Coastal Degradation and the Federal Government. May 1990. House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment, Recreation and the Arts. 14p.
  • Resource Use and Development in Coastal N.S.W. February 1990. A report prepared on behalf of the Legislative Standing Committee on State Development. The Committee is investigating public responses to a survey undertaken in association with an enquiry into Coastal Development. 29p.
  • A Submission on the Solitary Island Marin Reserve Proposal. August 1989. 3p.
  • Coastal Hazards Policy of N.S.W. and the Greenhouse Effect. A Discussion Paper. June 1989. 2p.
  • Climatic Change and Coastal Planning in the Ballina Shire Council. June 1989. 9p.
  • The Greenhouse Effect and Coastal Management in Northern New South Wales. May 1989. 22p.
  • Trace Gas Enrichment and Coastal Management. April 1989. 72p.
  • Greenhouse Effect Background Paper- The Use of Numerical Models in the Simulation of Global Climatic Systems. January 1989 3p.
  • Greenhouse Effect Background Paper – Radioactively Active Trace Gases. January 1989 3p.
  • Engineering Works and Erosion Trends in the Ballina Shire Council. February 1988 14p

PHOTO: During the 1990's Mr Fabbro the director of Marine Geo Pty Ltd  actively lobbied for  Crown Lands adjacent to
Lighthouse beach at Seal Rocks to be included in the Myall Lakes National Park.